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Libelinha Venture takes delivery of 100 Olive trees

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

In the middle of February 100 olive trees from three different species were delivered to the land. Now this is where Bonnie who is operated by Pete, Libelinha's estate manager have really come into their element. As it is time for the ground preparation so the trees can be planted.

The location for the olive trees needs to be cleaned again because even though its been less than a year since the hillside has been cleared the Eucalyptus trees have returned.

So using the snow plough on the front of Bonnie Pete cleaned the hill once again.

Leaving the hillside ready for being pegged out to decide where the trees will be planted. The pegs were marked yellow ribbons so they can be seen easily.

This is where, for Pete the fun begins as he starts to introduce the swales (a technique that captures water in the landscape for passive irrigation, slowing rainwater runoff. These will then be filled with a high nutrient soil mixture that the tress will be planted in.

100 of these will be dug on the hillside.

Finished swales awaiting for wood chips, nutrient rich soil, manure and mulch

Once the trees have been planted the front of the swale know as a berm, will be planted with nitrogen fixing meadow seeds.

The digging continues with 70 of the swales being dug to date and the rest in progress. We Finally received the delivery of 8 ㎥ of high quality aged manure filled with worms to be mixed with the existing soil in preparation for the trees.

We will keep you updated with the progress as the trees start to be planted

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