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There is really only one way to learn and that is to get involved.

Our project partners offer a wide range of experiences from day tours, weekly emersion workshops and retreats, for individuals, families and groups.   

During your visit you will experience activities and workshops within the wonders of nature, creating a fun  and relaxed learning environment to give back to nature and yourself as well as and opportunity to bond with each other.

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12 / 02 - 18 / 02 / 2023

Reciprocal Yurt Frame Building

During this 1 week experience at Libelinha Venture you will learn the entire process of building an 7.5 m reciprocal eucalyptus frame yurt.   

This experience is lead by Xavier Hancock, (the founder of "rewild the future") where he aims to pass on his knowledge, giving you the ability to replicate this structure on your own.  

Focusing on design, theory, material sourcing and preparation  all the way through to construction.

Eco Restoration Internship

This on going program is designed to give you the practical experience to live and thrive in an off grid living environment. while striving towards eco restoration and the rewilding of our forests.  

This is an ideal opportunity for you to apply your theoretical knowledge and passion, putting it to good use. 

Our philosophy is to learning through doing. This leads you to practice a wide range of skills and practical techniques, which you will be able to use throughout your entire lives.

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