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We're not just about planting trees...

We focus on a complete ground up eco-restoration process that incorporates the following: 

  • Implementation of water management systems. Natural reservoirs that are filled by a rainwater runoff, soak-away pools to manage the excess water during heavy rains, and swales to slow the progress of water from the hillside, increasing ground water dramatically and so benefitting any tree that will be planted in the future.

  • Soil regeneration through adding a wide mixture of nutrient-rich resources to the existing soil; wood chips, compost, manure, biochar, minerals, straw, mulch, and nitrogen-fixing plants, all soaked in a natural compost and mycelium tea.

  • Adopting an agro-forest syntropic design in the classic style of Ernst Gotsch. Planting trees, bushes, and shrubs organized in strata and succession. Reintroducing biodiverse and indigenous plant species to regenerate the land. 

  • Long-term management, offering the opportunity for people and families who join our cause to become guardians of the land.

We aim to be part of the pioneer movement that is co-creating the abundance that this land is meant to have, by bringing the seeds that the animals will spread to regenerate the ecosystem. By doing this work our mission is to prove locally and internationally that there is an efficient way to heal the land.

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