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Calling for volunteers

Thanks for connecting with us and wanting to help our community thrive!

Join us on this off grid adventure, living in a forest valley developing a community education hub, exploring generational practices.

Our community is in its infancy, where we live under canvas with simple, basic and functional infrastructure. Hot water shower, wifi hotspots, community kitchen, wood burning oven, geodesic domes, yurts and forest school for our children. Plus a great bonus of a number of natural river pools for taking a dip or showering under the waterfall.

For our volunteers we offer shared accommodation in tipis, or you can choose a secluded spot that resonates with you where you can pitch your tent. Plus community meals.

The community is in its first year where we are in the process of developing a sustainable life in nature. We are in the process of improving and upgrading our living areas from the basic infrastructure existing. So this is truly an emersion into off grid living. We ask all volunteers to plan to come for a minimum of a month so you can truly discover if this way of life is for you. Then you can decide to stay for a longer period of time. We always have many things to achieve from planting trees, land management, building infrastructure, creating art installations, developing a community hub, hosting events and much much more. We are an emerging community and we are looking for passionate and experienced pioneers who want to rewild the future while enjoying the journey.

Register here:

Terms & Conditions

1 month minimum stay, Accommodation + food, Areas to pitch your own tent (if you want privacy), Shared accommodation in tipi ( 3/tipi; 9 spaces overall , 15€/ bedding), Volunteers with drivers license and speak Portuguese are preferred, Laundry in local village (10€/load), Free wifi, Weekly community event

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