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Libelinha Venture is opening space for 5 Families to live on there land

Living the dream of an off grid sustainable lifestyle is definitely not an easy path. This is proved time and time again by those who do not manage to succeed in getting their projects off the ground due to challenges faced, reduction in creature comforts we are used to, as well as the unexpected costs.

It is our aim at Rewild The Future to help with the transition creating the opportunity for families to gain experience and insight to this way of living before having to make the large initial investment needed to buy your own little peice of heaven.  


Are you ready to live off grid?

  • Do you want to educate your children in nature?

  • Are you interested in helping rewild the earth?

  • Do you want to live a self-sustainable existence?

  • Would you like to work together to co-create conscious events & gatherings?

Ideal Candidates Are Families

  • Who are committed to live in nature immersed in an off grid lifestyle.

  • Who own  or will invest in a caravan, camper van or tiny home.

  • Who are hard working & passionate in creating a sustainable community.

  • Who are financially stable, to support the costs for educating their children.

  • Who are willing to co-create events & gatherings, on a profit share bases.

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